CST – Cabin Service Trainer

Preparing the Cabin Crew for services provided on board is ideally done on a Cabin Service Trainer.
Functional galleys reflect real aircraft equipment and its operation/handling. A full CST also confronts upcoming Cabin Crew with the limited amount of space available in the aircraft. Furthermore, dealing with time constraints, demanding customers and malfunctions round the training off.
Some airliners with a smaller number of aircraft, combine Cabin Emergency Evacuation and Service Trainers in one unit.

DT – Door Trainer

A Door Trainer allows normal operation combined with malfunctions to train unusual door operations during emergencies. Door handling failures, obstacles and also slide inflation failures combined with visual simulations are part of the Cabin Crew training sessions. Some customers prefer extended Door Trainers. Additional Emergency doors/Overwing exits and cabin Attendant seats can be installed, to increase the number of SOP’s to be trained.

The TFC Door Trainers, with inbuilt malfunctions are unmatched in its quality and durability. Several international airliners operate TFC Door Trainers for more than 15 years, which are still in service despite daily operation under rough training conditions.

Currently, more than 200,000 Cabin Crew do their initial and yearly recurrent training with just over 200 TFC Door Trainers installed worldwide.