CEET – Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer

TFC designs, manufactures and installs a full variety of Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainers. With a basis of more than 50 CEET’s installed worldwide, each one of them is unique and customized to the requirements of each individual airline. This top of the range product is “made in Germany”. It achieves the highest possible quality standards in the market. Maintenance is kept at a very low level, despite meeting a tough training environment, no aircraft is normally exposed to.

A CEET comes in all colors: With or without motion systems, partially functional cockpit, galleys and lavatories, functional doors, malfunctions, fire/smoke simulations, slide/raft/pool evacuations etc. Combined with Virtual Simulations and edible Auto Lessons, any possible scenario can be individually programmed for Cabin Crew Training sessions. Several of our customers have expressed great benefits from their training sessions in real emergency situations.

Quote from Emirates:
We are immensely proud that our Cabin Crew used the tools and knowledge we instil to save so many lives. Great SIMS helped us to do that!!!!!!!

Almost every component is made in-house by TFC. With the software at the heart of the system enabling local and / or remote support around the globe. In this way, updates and additionally required scenarios, can be installed easily.

MEA Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer A320/A321

Luxair Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer – Transport and Installation

Luxair Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer – Luxair Cabin Crew Training on TFC CEET