VR – Virtual Reality Training

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TFC and Bolverk XR are working in a collaboration since 2018 to develop VR training for airlines. With Bolverk XR´s extensive experience in the VR industry and TFC´s 30 years of experience in the cabin crew training we are creating immersive real-time simulations.

A320 1L Door Operation

VR Training (Door or CEET Training) is complementary to simulator training. The current technology provides very realistic aural and visual scenarios to allow flexible Door and CEET Training. In a very short period of time and in any location, a maximum amount of experience is gained, saving travelling and instruction time.

Scientific research has shown that VR training reduces the amount of handling failures on real simulators by 50%. Transferred to real aircraft emergency situations, this makes the Cabin Crew more confident in doing the right thing first time round. During real emergencies, this saves time and reduces the number of injuries.

Several regulators in Europe accept recurrent training in VR thus reducing real simulator training to once every three years.

Oven Fire Drill Scenario

Virtual Slide Training (VSS)

Fire/smoke and other unusual conditions outside of the aircraft e.g. ditching or obstacles are best trained with a VSS. The VSS consists of a dark room outside of the fuselage of a Door Trainer. Slide inflation failures in any condition, slide punctures etc. are practiced in a realistic virtual environment.

VSS prepares the cabin Crew for such eventualities during a real emergency.
With more than 300,000 take offs and landings daily, on average 1 to 2 slide evacuations a month happen around the world.